Leo Lunatic was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987.
After moving to Istanbul in 1998, he began spray-painting on trains and walls.

In 2013, he selected on the list for the best fifteen graffiti artists around the world with his famous work “Panda” by the readers of The Guardian. Lunatic is a self-taught artist. He produces pieces of work which pop up in public places, such as on the wall of buildings. also, he was a fashion designer for LEADING companies OF CLOTHING like “mavi”.

But in 2015, he began to expand his work beyond Istanbul and was soon leaving his artistic mark all over the world.

He quickly became a well-known artist.

In 2017, he collaborated with Levi’s Turkey to design his work “Night Haze” for Levi’s denim jackets.
Leo Lunatic is a co-founder of SPOKE. He lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.